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Our goal is to have a net positive impact — on people, plants, and the planet. To get there we must first accept that we are a business with an inevitable environmental impact. In the face of this reality, we must diligently ask questions, manage trade-offs, and creatively identify ways to reduce our overall impact and reinvest to counter our footprint. By protecting the natural resources that nurture our health and wellbeing now, we ensure their availability to future generations. From sustainable packaging to transparent supply chains and comprehensive compliance, we are fully committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner. Our product is nature, so we shall not trample over it.


Very few supplement companies can tell you the exact geographic origin of their ingredients. Nor do they share how they were grown or harvested, the journey they took, or provide any guarantee of authenticity. But we’ve made it a point to do just that. Our botanicals are traceable back to the land from which they were cultivated. We only partner with suppliers who share our commitment to transparency. And we validate the identity of each of our ingredients all the way to the finished product, using sophisticated laboratory testing to ensure their authenticity and premium quality.


Quality starts with traceability and identity validation but doesn’t end there.  Flume follows the supplement industry’s highest standards to ensure our products are clean and active.  While we source our ingredients globally, all of our products are produced in the USA in facilities audited by the FDA and independently certified to be compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Every product is blended to our precise specifications and rigorously tested by reputable third party laboratories to ensure they meet those specifications for purity, potency and safety. We believe these steps are essential to bringing you responsibly formulated products that deliver results you can feel.


We are committed to supporting organizations and individuals who are on the front lines working hard to combat climate change, protect our environment, and safeguard plants and biodiversity. We have committed 1% of our revenue to partner with 1% for the Planet, POW, and the Sustainable Herbs Program — which help achieve this mission.

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