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All together now! The Flume Bundle is the ultimate in support. By comprehensively addressing performance and wellness needs, The Bundle will help you find your flow, recover faster, and get you ready for your next pursuit.*

Before setting out, FLOW™ boosts energy, alerts the mind and increases stamina.* Afterward, BASK™ supports optimal muscle recovery while promoting a positive mood.* And, in between, DRIFT™ promotes a restful sleep to help restore your body and mind.* All so we can go hard, recover, and be revived for the next adventure.

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How Has It Helped?

Flume gives me the energy I need to get into the zone much more easily.

Rides are better with FLOW. Sleep is dreamier with DRIFT. And BASK is the reward I look forward to at the end of exercise.

I feel energetic all day without the jitters. Surprisingly amazing throughout.

Our Shared Responsibility

The health of people and planet are inextricably linked, so we are committed to make the least impact possible. From sustainable packaging to responsible sourcing, we continuously identify ways to reduce our overall impact and operate with integrity and transparency. And where we fall short, we work to get better, to get smarter, and make better decisions.

Responsibly Sourced

Flume products feature active ingredients that are traceable back to their origin and identity-validated for authenticity. View our commitments.

Expertly Formulated

Each Flume formula was created by co-founder, Dr. Taryn Forrelli, a naturopathic physician and avid outdoor enthusiast who's spent nearly two decades researching botanicals and formulating dietary supplements. Get to know Dr. Forrelli.

Peak Quality

Flume goes beyond industry standards to ensure our formulas are clean and active. We rigorously test each product at reputable third-party labs. Our unwavering commitment to quality fuels your flow. Learn more.

Clean Label

All of our products are vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. Our drink mixes feature flavors sourced from plants and get their subtle sweetness from organic evaporated coconut nectar. All the good stuff (and none of the bad) to fuel your flow.

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